BB Art 11


2016.04.23 | Did you win or did you loose?

It is up to you, as there are two sides of the coin as well.

Watch this signal, it is used quite a lot these days... but watch it well because I draw the two together :(: which one do you see: the smile, or the sad face?

Are you willing to see the teachings in the bad happenings of life, yourself, what you got throught that, who you became through this? Do you see these opportunities? Because no matter how sad what happens with you, your partner has left you, and he is not next to you, but is that not possible that you deceive yourself?

What if you let your attention on love? Yeah ... right away the feeling comes, the pain, the shortage, because the love is not next to you, and your attention is immediately pointing on your pain and stays there until you decide you rather pay your attention to something else. Listen to the love now that you burned inside you when you were together, and now still it is burning inside you that the one is no longer with you. The question is what you used this love while he/she was with you, you gave it to him/her, and he/she reflected on you back, and you could experience and you could live yourself, the love of yourself by him/her, and when you lived this love in yourself, you reflected this to you environment. While you were together, your environment reflected to you, what you either noticed or not, and stayed in the belief that he/she caused it to you, it is through him/her, but it was through you. Everything appear as the reflection of your love in your life. 

What if you would find this love again in yourself and you would leave now the scarcity and the pain a little to the hell and you could see yourself again, and you begin to project this joy again, in who or into what, as you feel. Into the music, dance, your work, into your daily activity, writing, conversation, and to see whata you can create from this by you.

I started to project it into or out to the painting.  Already before I get to know him I did some painting, but while we were together, I was not willing to spend my time with this, I paid all my attention to him. When we were separated, I could not do anything else just paint, I did not know what to do with the overflowing love came from me. And what else could I paint than the Twin Flame love and unity. And once I realized, this is what I am, this is me, I have to do this because I can not do anything else, it comes from me and makes me an immense pleasure and love, and true miracles hatched and come to life under my hands.

Slowly my website finished, and I was invited to more exhibition. When I paint it he is displaying in me immediately, and who is this he? It is the love itself, I get into a complete unity with myself, in the fullness of love. Do we need a bigger miracle? To live yourself, to experience and give joy to the others? And what the most beautiful is in the story, if we do not separate from each other,I may never find myself, I do not recognize this love and I do not start  painting. Do you think I lost? Should I see the things as a failure, or could I be grateful for the existence, for the events and for myself. I will choose the latter ...

It is up to you where you listen, if you stay in the midst of pain or you see how you can come out as a winner in the situation that you try to show to yourself. Ever since you woke up to your mind you try to find yourself, I wish then, to find the completeness in this love and see and experience yourself, to see who you really are, and prevail  the enormous creating force you have ....