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  • 2016.10.10 | After 12 years of silence, on the way of love until the forgiveness

    I would like to share with you a story, about a lost friendship and its revival after 12 years of silence. The reason I share with you here, because my paintings, and the Divine Providence, and even a small miracle helped us to find each other again. 

    Our friendship was born during our years at the university, together in good and bad, we I can honestly say that we loved and supported each other. We lived in one room in a dormitory and we completed our studies on the same faculty. I do not want to share the details why our relationship was broken after the college, but in almost 12-years I cherished deep grievances.  Although one year later our journey would have met again, after both of us moved to Budapest, it happened differently, I could say because of me, I was afraid of even the possibility of meeting, I was very angry and even I had nightmares in connection with a possible encounter. I was not ready to clear up the grievances, I needed 10 more years for that.   

    I participated on a lot of self-knowledge trainings, meditations, but when it came up, to recall the face of the person whom you still could not forgive, I see her in front of me, and I did not understand why ...   

    December last year I sold my Twin Flame paintings "The origin", but I handed it over just in January. I was on the way to Győr with the painting, which was purchased by a supernice lady. Adorable, yet I felt antipathy towards her, even I did not know her. It is strange isn’t it? I was on the motorway near to Tatabanya and I was wondering how I will give her the painting, which was born with full of love, It serves that, but I can not turn towards the lady with love. I knew exactly what causes this feeling. Because the lady is the exact doppelganger of my girlfriend, whom I could not forgive even after 12 years. So it was the time, I had approx. 70 km to clear the things in myself, but a glance was enough for that. I recalled my friend's face, I stared deeply into her and I only felt love towards her. The past has gone, and I was thinking back just to the happy memories, I forgave, my heart filled with warmth and I smiled. In my mind, I hugged her. I was no longer afraid of meeting her, but I did not expect it, I just knew, everything is okay between us, I did not feel even the pressure to call her and meet her.

    The life however arranged the things instead of me, and parallel the events started to happen between us. Who forgave to the other earlier,we don’t know, but  it doesn’t matter at all.   

    Suddenly in the summer a letter arrived from the university with the information about a faculty reunion in May 2017. I got in touch with the former classmates through a facebook chat. There, I asked if my friend would be invited as well. I was told okay, but anyway she would not come. And when it was about who is going to invite her, It was told me. I smiled, as she did not even accept my friend invitation, so someone els should have done this.  And suddenly she was there in the common chat, and surprise she even answered, as she is not used to do that, and she would like to participate on the reunion.

  • 2016.08.12 | The doubt delays

    About a year ago I have received this personalized blessing from archangel Gabriel for the painting, which was made by the attached photo:

    "... I bless your life with spiritual and material abundance for your humble service. This abundance is the manifestation of Divine love, which serves not only your own good, but it serves the benefit of all people in need.”

    Originally I wrote the text: It WILL serve. A friend of mine, however, a friend of mine corrected me for NOW, and not THEN. Everything is happening right now. Yes, yes, I know, the past is past and everything is already here in our lives. I wrote down, but did not feel that this would happen now. How could I serve now the ones who desire, if I do not have the abundance in my life that could help this. I thought in the future, by my paintings I will receive benefits which I will share with others with pleasure. And if this is a blessing is about this, I have no reason to doubt, so it will be, and it is great pleasure.  

  • 2016.05.11. | All events make sense with time

    All events make sense with time, you get the answer for all your questions

    Islands - could be the name of my tiny little painting, but in fact I still have not named it... it is an early B.B. ... After a few decades it may be referred as this, if they see it somewhere.

    Yet I paint it, because it inspired me. Although it has already made more than two years ago, I am still looking for the answer, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

    It happened today as well, when during a conversation I thought, that probably the Islands has a place on my exhibition. So again, the question came up, what does it want to message me or to its current owner.

    In fact, do we see one or two islands? But it does not seem to be an island but a pair of peninsula, because we get out to the peninsula on a a narrow path. But would these really be peninsulas? They connect to a strong continent with a path, or to a third peninsula, so  creating all three or even more an island.

    We call island the mainland, which encompasses by the water, even in the middle of the sea, even in the middle of a river. So we call it. Seemingly it is not connected to the mainland - or call it anything, and we can only approach witha a water-vehicle or we swim if you like. It seems like it is a bit like an orphan, seems like it is separated from its core. But is this really the reality or is it just a sham?

    While I wondered if it is an island or peninsula, I recognized it is not relevant. After all, this feature is only determined by the surrounding water level, how high is that. For this reason there are more islands in danger, and it is predicted they will disappear from the Earth. Do they really disappear? or the waterlevel rises in the height, so they become invisible to us. 

    If we would make the water disappear, we could see that the island is certainly not a torn unity, a stands alone something, but it is the perfect part of the highest crust of the Earth. Because under the surface of the water, it is the part of the whole, and it is the part of the unity."As in heaven so on earth," says in our daily prayer almost every day, but we do not see the essence of the sentence. 

    The kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of spirits. Many people is existing as a part, as an individual, we are surronded by the seas of the material world, and we live together separated, live like separated islands, or as a peninsula as a part of a family, a community or a religion. And then we are happy because we believe that we are not a lonely island, because we are a peninsula and we belong to someone, something, and maybe we even regret it, or maybe we despise the seemingly small isolated islands.

    It is not important whether you live your life as an island, peninsula, or perhaps a big, strong continent. The point is that you see that with your existence, with your soul, and we are part of a great big unit. All of us, not just connected to the powerful unit, but we all create it, we are a part of the unit and we are all parts of the unit. The kingdom of heaven is kingdom of spirit, our common country, our home is the power of love. Your home is my home, your soul is part of my soul, your success is my success, with your failure I fail with you. In your love I found the love as well.

  • 2016.04.23 | Did you win or did you loose?

    It is up to you, as there are two sides of the coin as well.

    Watch this signal, it is used quite a lot these days... but watch it well because I draw the two together :(: which one do you see: the smile, or the sad face?

    Are you willing to see the teachings in the bad happenings of life, yourself, what you got throught that, who you became through this? Do you see these opportunities? Because no matter how sad what happens with you, your partner has left you, and he is not next to you, but is that not possible that you deceive yourself?

    What if you let your attention on love? Yeah ... right away the feeling comes, the pain, the shortage, because the love is not next to you, and your attention is immediately pointing on your pain and stays there until you decide you rather pay your attention to something else. Listen to the love now that you burned inside you when you were together, and now still it is burning inside you that the one is no longer with you. The question is what you used this love while he/she was with you, you gave it to him/her, and he/she reflected on you back, and you could experience and you could live yourself, the love of yourself by him/her, and when you lived this love in yourself, you reflected this to you environment. While you were together, your environment reflected to you, what you either noticed or not, and stayed in the belief that he/she caused it to you, it is through him/her, but it was through you. Everything appear as the reflection of your love in your life. 

    What if you would find this love again in yourself and you would leave now the scarcity and the pain a little to the hell and you could see yourself again, and you begin to project this joy again, in who or into what, as you feel. Into the music, dance, your work, into your daily activity, writing, conversation, and to see whata you can create from this by you.

    I started to project it into or out to the painting.  Already before I get to know him I did some painting, but while we were together, I was not willing to spend my time with this, I paid all my attention to him. When we were separated, I could not do anything else just paint, I did not know what to do with the overflowing love came from me. And what else could I paint than the Twin Flame love and unity. And once I realized, this is what I am, this is me, I have to do this because I can not do anything else, it comes from me and makes me an immense pleasure and love, and true miracles hatched and come to life under my hands.

    Slowly my website finished, and I was invited to more exhibition. When I paint it he is displaying in me immediately, and who is this he? It is the love itself, I get into a complete unity with myself, in the fullness of love. Do we need a bigger miracle? To live yourself, to experience and give joy to the others? And what the most beautiful is in the story, if we do not separate from each other,I may never find myself, I do not recognize this love and I do not start  painting. Do you think I lost? Should I see the things as a failure, or could I be grateful for the existence, for the events and for myself. I will choose the latter ...

    It is up to you where you listen, if you stay in the midst of pain or you see how you can come out as a winner in the situation that you try to show to yourself. Ever since you woke up to your mind you try to find yourself, I wish then, to find the completeness in this love and see and experience yourself, to see who you really are, and prevail  the enormous creating force you have ....

  • 2016.04.14 | Twin flames - the dimension gate of true love

    Is he/she no longer by you, but you still feel the pain. Does it hurt when he/she is no longer near to you? Does he/she really cause this, or the whole comes from you?

    It is worth to answer these questions honestly in yourself, because although the feeling is new, I'm sure you have already felt like this during your life. And I'm sure that it is not he/she who makes you  or may urge you to suffer because of him/her. He/she is just doing his job, and lives his/her life, just as he/she thinks just right here, right now. It's not your job to examine his/her decisions and life. Or probably figure our, why you could not be together, thiis is a trial, still need to evolve, he/she may locked herself or something similar. While your attention is on this, you do not need to deal with yourself.

    All the painful feelings that the person creates in you, is only about you, its your job to make those feelings in the right place in yourself. Because he/she has never wanted to hurt you, but to seek only for happiness, just like everyone else. As he/she is not next to you, and because he/she is your twin-flame, he/she shows you on the most effective way the mirror: lookiyou live this, it is in you, it is the feeling which prevents you in your happiness.

    Are you really ready to be with him/her together again? Your life would intertwine forever? Of course we want this, we trust, and we believe that this relationship was made in heaven, and what what God has bound together, let no man separate.So it is, and this is regardless of physical presence, here and now you can experience. You do not have to wait for the fulfillment, the fulfillment is already there since the beginning of time, always were, is and will be. The one soul's eternal and infinite in the completeness of love.

    He/she came into your life, to see what kind of pain you carry inside you, and it is high time to leave them behind you and focus on that wholeness and happiness what you have experienced by yourself before you met him/her, and in the moments you spent with him/her. If you have not lived this happiness before, it would not have appeared in your life, so did you guys meet. So you did not got that feeling from him/her, it is you. You are able to do it, you can decide at any point in your life, if you focus on your fears, your doubts, your concerns, you listen to them, you nourish them, or you focus on the overflowing joy and happiness.

    The universe is saturated with everything, like an orchard.

    You decide which tree you choose and which fruit you taste. And if you accidentally bit in a bad fruit, you do not have to blame yourself, you do not have to feel guilty, but you just have to know you do not like it, and you can immediately choose a different one for yourself. So can you play with the feelings ruling over you. You do not have to swallow them, you do not need to savor them and cherish them when you do not like them. Happiness is here and now in your life. Just look around and begin to recognize, taste, love the loveable ones. And start with yourself, the most lovable being who is closest to you.

    Do you really think you will be happy by him/her, if you have him/her, if you own him/her? Maybe for a while you are delighted with the feeling of being together again. And this is the greatest blessing and the greatest miracle, but the road does not end here. You know that in the everything is presented, and you need to stay focused after all. That you would not disrupted, if now he/she bit in a rotten fruit. After all, you already know how that is, as sometimes you bite in it as well. So be understanding and accepting. Stay always loving.

    He/she is not an object, a tool like you're not one as well. You were born to be free, you would fly freely and happily in this world. That the light of love, who is you, not only keep for him/her, but you could send to everywhere, to everyone. It must really hurt you, if he/she just does it.

    Love is not possession, not expectation, not adequacy, love does not want anything but love.

    So are you ready for this love?

  • 2016.01.10. | Love can not be done, but everything can be done with love.

    Most likely, only just a few people know about me that almost a year ago, I was diagnosed with bilateral hip-fraying, which is caused by congenital disorder. According to the doctor: I'm not overweighted, but I need to get rid of every extra kilos, and the only sport, he can propose and do not harm is the swimming. I felt so happy because a long ago I have been planning to do sports and I already like swimming. The diagnosis proved to be a sufficient motivation to make this activity a part of my everyday life. Nevertheless, I have never gone swimming because of the illness, but because of my love of the water and the joy for the swimming. Every day when I could go, I counted the minutes to get my swimming stuff, and I started to go to the swimming pool, which is only 5 minutes away from my work place. Half a year later I noticed that I lost six kilos, I move easier, and my hips do not hurt anymore.

    One day, as usual, I went to swim, but not with my usual feelings. That day I have noticed that for a while now I feel it as a constraint and I felt this as a necessary activity. The feeling of indifference became more and more strong. Suddenly, under the shower I started to think, if we come to this world to learn to love. Then I remembered a book I read long ago: The five languages of love, and I wondered if love can be learned.

    If we ourselves are the love, how can we learn to love? It is something like we would teach the sun what light is, how to shine, or show the creek the direction of flow. If we can not learn to love, where can we screw up? What is the banana peel, on which many of us slip? Then do we need to love right? Or who and what do we need to love? Do we need to love at all? Is love an activity? Is it a necessity fashionable thing?

    As the questions swirled in my head, I saw it just in a moment, it is impossible to love correctly, that there is no one and what to love. Love can not be done, but all can be done with love.

    While I was swimming with love it gave me the desired results without any effort and desire. 

    Do I paint my paintings with love? Do You know how it makes me feel it? In this case, the goal is never important, but the activity itself, the process is the happening, in which we are in with love within the love itself. The end result, the goal - as it is called, as usual - is just icing on the cake.

    Cooking with love - putting the most delicious food on the table and giving us the words of praise and recognition. Or even sow the soil with love, what sort of crop will that bring? Is this feeling familiar to you, as you have already experienced this and see the difference in your life, what it's like when you do your every day activities with love, even the smallest stuff as well. You speak, you listen with love, you work, you play, you give and receive with love ... You noticed that I am not talking about myself any longer, but about you ... with love ...

  • 2015.11.09. | Do we really doesn’t know about the future?

    Has it happened to you as well? When I watch my favourite picture, which is about a way through a park, along the way both sides of the roads trees are in autumn colors, and you wish for a moment to walk there? Then years later, on a beautiful autumn day, I realize that for five years I am walking with my dog exactly in the same. First time in my life, just travelling through Budapest, I see the the Gellért Hill, the Buda Castle, the Chain bridge and the Parliament from the Elisabeth bridge, and I silently say to myself, "Once I will live here" and afterwards I have been living in Budapest for years, once I am crossing the Elizabeth bridge I remember my statement. Or I am just bored and I grab a piece of paper and a pencil and I stuck to draw the same topic round and round. Wild ducks in a pond, and a collapsing wooden pier, which extends into the lake. And a few years later on a pier in a bay love is finding me. Then several times we find ourselves in a similar environment, in the nature at wooden piers, surrounded by green trees, admiring the toddles or swimming of the wild ducks, in the sunset. I made this little sketch in July 2009 and it is now in my hands again. I think it started here, that anything I draw or paint, becomes a reality, or the reality is painted by me?

    "Why is it that people remember the past, but does not know anything about the future?" - Philosophers say we really doesn’t know about it?

    Before we born down to this World we prepare a detailed roadmap for life. We carefully select all of our travel vompanions and the exact locations as well. We do not just arrive, we have an exact goal, a purpose of our coming: to experience, to know and to live our real self: the pure, unconditional love of Christ.

    Do you want to know what you have planned for yourself, what obstacles should you overcome until  you experience your truth self? Or what miracles you have prepared for yourself to gain assurance of God's love and goodness? Begin to pay attention to your inner voice, your intuition, listen to your heartbeat, listen to the silence, and the silence suddenly get filled with life.

    Become an observer of your life. Let's start with acceptance, because everything is done by the plan of your Spirit, and continue with forgiveness, to get to know your heart's true love, then open your heart and become receptive, and afterwards you experience the heavenly abundance, and then continue with the munificence, because this abundance you must share with others. After that, it is clear that the goal in life, the journey itself is the goal, the experience is the goal, after you saw yourself, you never ask again what is the goal, because the goal is you. You're the interviewer, the question and the answer as well.

    "The purpose of your life is you."

  • 2015.11.03. | Face your fears to find yourself

    „Face your fears, leave your unbelief and break your limits in order the kingdom of heaven could open for you, where you are waiting for yourself.”

    The desire lives in me to create, manifest, something by me, to love... I choose the topic, I am in love, I adore it, becasue it is so perfect, but I stay and I freeze: „I cannot do that, I am not able to do that... „In the background you can hear the classical piano, violin and chello, I hold the pencil in my hand, I am thinking, but I can not... I start focusing, the music becomes one with the universe, and I start to be a part of it as well, It does not last too long and we are together, I am completely and entirely a part of, there are no thoughts, just the the existence and the creation, and a deep calm peace and love surronds me (us). I hear the voice of the graphite and I see as it is crumbling into small pieces... or am I evaporate? The borders of the physical world disappear, and yes this is me as well, I am a pert of it with all my cells. I take the oil paint tubes out, and I start mixing the colors. I detect its velvety, silky consistence in my entire body, and a world with thousands shades of colors opens for me when i mix the colors. My first movements are indefinite while I am putting the strokes to the canvas. I put the colors and stains next to each other, and a thought appears and I find myself again in the limits of the physical world: „Oh no, this does not make sense, shape, color, only separated spots, I am not able to....” „I am looking for the beauty, but I see only meaningless spots. Then I start focusing again, and I pull the colors together with my brush, and they almost merge into one another, as I melt into the universe again. I just enjoy as the brush almost blends into the canvas and I merge into this calmness. I must stretch, I stand up and I look at the picture from a distance: „Unbelievable, it is impossible, I did not do this, I am not able to do something like this... but I did it, and I am in love more than I have ever  been, I just watch it, and I start loosing myself in the viewing... I feel, I am one with it, that is me... I am in love...