BB Art 11



My drawings and my paintings were born in the present momentwhere the past, the present and the future appear at once in the eternal acceptance of love. In this love the healing energies and forces come to life and they are able to overwrite the past in the current moment and these are able to make the future more beautiful.

The current moment is the feeling of unity, it is the experiment of the endless pure love, where we all are one, so in my drawings and in my paintings You can see your true Yourself, the core of your real being.

The encounter with Our real ourselves is the most magical moments of our lives. Experiencing and experimenting your real truly being erupting almost as a volcano. The wounds and experiences of the past are accepted and you can clearly see that all of these are served your own ascension and serve in this very moment as well.

With my paintings I am able to bring the heavenly blessing and message into my life. And if you wish I can tune myself on You and bring these treasures on a personalized way into your life as well and thereby to create those loving peace, health, or spiritual abundance, which you cannot experience now or you revive only the lack of these.

The blessing does not come to your life at once. It is the result of a process, which can be unseen, unexpected, but it can come as storm as well. Therefore take the blessing with gratitude, which will accompanied by changes in your life.

„Because everything that happens, materializes according to the God’s will of your soul. I do not do anything, which were not asked by Yourselves. In your lives everything happens with You, by me, according to  the free will and wish of the Soul.  Forgetting is only possible in your physical World, in the source of love the soul can see the truth.”     

Father in Heaven, mediated by Beata Beres

On a summer dawn on a Saturday, June 13, 1981 with the sunrise I arrived  as well into a small town in Slovakia. Already as a child I was very much interested in drawing and painting, but unfortunately due to constraints, which seemed mainly financially I could not attend to drawing school. Finally, I became a mechanical engineer, and for a short period my love for drawing I have lived with the creation of engineering drawings.  

Then in 2009 I saw a pencil drawing, which fascinated me. This happened right after a surgery, where I had to realize that my life emotionally is not going to the direction I have dreamed of in my childhood. I recognized that my illness is the creation of my feelings, and on the way I just created it, and if I created it, I am also able to cure myself. But that time I did not know how, I just concentrated to the signs and messages. I did not begin my journey towards the drawing, even if the portrait was the one which led me to the way of Self-knowledge, and which helped me to experience the true and pure being fo our spirit, which is nothing else but the power of love – the source of everything. The love, which includes everyone and everything, not making distinctions among humans, animals and nature, which is not confined  to the earthly limitations. 

Later in 2011, as one of the milestones of my journey, I attended after all to a course in drawing and then I started to draw for my own pleasure.  Especially portraits and nudes, but even then I consciously looked for the hidden messages in the photos. In retrospect seeing and experiencing the hidden messages I realized that these are heavenly blessings, which have by now become almost entirely a part of my life. 

Three years later  my life began to become more and more colorful, and I felt that the pencil is not enough any more, because as you inside out, on the canvas should have colors as well. So I completed a beginners and advanced painting course, where I painted my first oil portrait, the Color Baby. It was love at first sight. I felt that this painting is for me and about me, but I have received the corresponding heavenly blessing and message only a year later. 

Gabriel’s blessing 

„I give you the ability of clairvoyance to recognize the plan and the mission of your soul which brought you this land. 

I open the gates  of heaven and I will accompany you and help you along your way. 

I bless you with the power of healing in order you could wash down the dirt of pain from the ones who ask and you could plant the love in their heart. 

Through your clairvoyance and the healing power of your hands, You bring down my messages and my blessing in your paintings to the Earth.  

I bless your life with spiritual and material abundance for your humble service. This abundance is the manifestation of Divine love, which serves not only your own good, but it serves the benefit of all people in need.”  

Archangel Gabriel, mediated by Beata Beres 

Personalized paintings 

In case you wish to have a personalized painting, and if you want your painting based on a photo, we select the theme and the corresponding photo together. However it could happen that I choose a theme differing from your original request, as your painting arrives to your life as a heavenly blessing, so it might differ from your imagination. 

During the process of the painting I tune myself to you, and in the present moment, through the healing power of pure love I cure the past grievances through Myself. Each painting contains a hidden symbol as well, which builds into your life as a blessing, and it builds into my life as well. Because in the endless source of love, we are all one. 

Thank you that I can cure you through my painting, and I can bring the heavenly blessing into your life, because your blessing is my blessing, the beauty of your life is the beauty of my life too, so are we all one in the eternal universe. 

Thank you and with love, 
Beata Beres 
Twin flame painter healer