BB Art 11


2016.05.11. | All events make sense with time

All events make sense with time, you get the answer for all your questions

Islands - could be the name of my tiny little painting, but in fact I still have not named it... it is an early B.B. ... After a few decades it may be referred as this, if they see it somewhere.

Yet I paint it, because it inspired me. Although it has already made more than two years ago, I am still looking for the answer, sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously.

It happened today as well, when during a conversation I thought, that probably the Islands has a place on my exhibition. So again, the question came up, what does it want to message me or to its current owner.

In fact, do we see one or two islands? But it does not seem to be an island but a pair of peninsula, because we get out to the peninsula on a a narrow path. But would these really be peninsulas? They connect to a strong continent with a path, or to a third peninsula, so  creating all three or even more an island.

We call island the mainland, which encompasses by the water, even in the middle of the sea, even in the middle of a river. So we call it. Seemingly it is not connected to the mainland - or call it anything, and we can only approach witha a water-vehicle or we swim if you like. It seems like it is a bit like an orphan, seems like it is separated from its core. But is this really the reality or is it just a sham?

While I wondered if it is an island or peninsula, I recognized it is not relevant. After all, this feature is only determined by the surrounding water level, how high is that. For this reason there are more islands in danger, and it is predicted they will disappear from the Earth. Do they really disappear? or the waterlevel rises in the height, so they become invisible to us. 

If we would make the water disappear, we could see that the island is certainly not a torn unity, a stands alone something, but it is the perfect part of the highest crust of the Earth. Because under the surface of the water, it is the part of the whole, and it is the part of the unity."As in heaven so on earth," says in our daily prayer almost every day, but we do not see the essence of the sentence. 

The kingdom of heaven is the kingdom of spirits. Many people is existing as a part, as an individual, we are surronded by the seas of the material world, and we live together separated, live like separated islands, or as a peninsula as a part of a family, a community or a religion. And then we are happy because we believe that we are not a lonely island, because we are a peninsula and we belong to someone, something, and maybe we even regret it, or maybe we despise the seemingly small isolated islands.

It is not important whether you live your life as an island, peninsula, or perhaps a big, strong continent. The point is that you see that with your existence, with your soul, and we are part of a great big unit. All of us, not just connected to the powerful unit, but we all create it, we are a part of the unit and we are all parts of the unit. The kingdom of heaven is kingdom of spirit, our common country, our home is the power of love. Your home is my home, your soul is part of my soul, your success is my success, with your failure I fail with you. In your love I found the love as well.