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2016 dec. 4. | Zenés irodalmi est képekkel | NidiArt kiállítás megnyitó | Béres Beáta vendég kiállító

I would like to invite you for the opening of the exhibition of Nógrádi Ni Gyorgyi, a very dear friend of mine.

On the opening evening, the paintings and works of Nidi Nógrádi Gyorgyi can be seen, in addition the poems of Györgyi will be performed in interpretation of well-know performers. The exhibition is enriched with the works of guest artists.   

I am very pleased to satisfy the invitation of Gyorgyi's to attend with other guests artists on the event. So two of my  paintings can be seen in the exhibition.



Bernadett Szemerédi / actress 

Szeplaky Geza / actor   

The poems adapted and performed by


Zoltan Horvath / guitar singing


Guest exhibitors


Katalin Mitdner / Painter
Beata Beres / Painter 
Lili Kovacs / student


Location and time

Sunday 4 December 2016, 17:00 

Cukorfalat Cake Shop and Cafe 

Szigetszentmiklós Tököli u. 60


We welcome all visitors and art lovers with lots of love:


NiDiArt: 460 03-30-9443