BB Art 11


2016. aug. 27-30. | Drawing on the right side of the brain for adults

My first exhibition was placed in the Sennyei Castle in Bely not far from my hometown. I was enchanted by the castle itself, by the organizers, by the staff of the castle, and by its maintenance staff and as well by the whole neighborhood. Even I was still there, but I wanted already go back into this marvelous poetic environment, and within a few days the idea came: to organize a right-brain drawing course in the castle. This knowledge led me to where I'm now in painting, and I'm proud of this. This uplifting artistic evolution makes my life more colorful every day. The joy of creation, and its easyness and the knowledge behind is not my private property, this knowledge is in everyone, and it is accessible to everyone and it is livable in theeveryday life, and it can be experienced. How? Easier than you think. I would like to share this knowledge with you in these four days.

If you feel your the calling of your soul, if you like to draw, and later on you would like to try the painting, or you just would like toget confidence that there is more in you what you believe about yourself, spend this magical four days with us, to see your life can be different, than you have believed.

The details of the program, and the application interface you can find on the website of Sennyey find the Castle, by clicking on the link below: