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2016.10.10 | After 12 years of silence, on the way of love until the forgiveness

I would like to share with you a story, about a lost friendship and its revival after 12 years of silence. The reason I share with you here, because my paintings, and the Divine Providence, and even a small miracle helped us to find each other again. 

Our friendship was born during our years at the university, together in good and bad, we I can honestly say that we loved and supported each other. We lived in one room in a dormitory and we completed our studies on the same faculty. I do not want to share the details why our relationship was broken after the college, but in almost 12-years I cherished deep grievances.  Although one year later our journey would have met again, after both of us moved to Budapest, it happened differently, I could say because of me, I was afraid of even the possibility of meeting, I was very angry and even I had nightmares in connection with a possible encounter. I was not ready to clear up the grievances, I needed 10 more years for that.   

I participated on a lot of self-knowledge trainings, meditations, but when it came up, to recall the face of the person whom you still could not forgive, I see her in front of me, and I did not understand why ...   

December last year I sold my Twin Flame paintings "The origin", but I handed it over just in January. I was on the way to Győr with the painting, which was purchased by a supernice lady. Adorable, yet I felt antipathy towards her, even I did not know her. It is strange isn’t it? I was on the motorway near to Tatabanya and I was wondering how I will give her the painting, which was born with full of love, It serves that, but I can not turn towards the lady with love. I knew exactly what causes this feeling. Because the lady is the exact doppelganger of my girlfriend, whom I could not forgive even after 12 years. So it was the time, I had approx. 70 km to clear the things in myself, but a glance was enough for that. I recalled my friend's face, I stared deeply into her and I only felt love towards her. The past has gone, and I was thinking back just to the happy memories, I forgave, my heart filled with warmth and I smiled. In my mind, I hugged her. I was no longer afraid of meeting her, but I did not expect it, I just knew, everything is okay between us, I did not feel even the pressure to call her and meet her.

The life however arranged the things instead of me, and parallel the events started to happen between us. Who forgave to the other earlier,we don’t know, but  it doesn’t matter at all.   

Suddenly in the summer a letter arrived from the university with the information about a faculty reunion in May 2017. I got in touch with the former classmates through a facebook chat. There, I asked if my friend would be invited as well. I was told okay, but anyway she would not come. And when it was about who is going to invite her, It was told me. I smiled, as she did not even accept my friend invitation, so someone els should have done this.  And suddenly she was there in the common chat, and surprise she even answered, as she is not used to do that, and she would like to participate on the reunion.