BB Art 11


2016.08.12 | The doubt delays
About a year ago I have received this personalized blessing from archangel Gabriel for the painting, which was made by the attached photo:

"... I bless your life with spiritual and material abundance for your humble service. This abundance is the manifestation of Divine love, which serves not only your own good, but it serves the benefit of all people in need.”

Originally I wrote the text: It WILL serve. A friend of mine, however, a friend of mine corrected me for NOW, and not THEN. Everything is happening right now. Yes, yes, I know, the past is past and everything is already here in our lives. I wrote down, but did not feel that this would happen now. How could I serve now the ones who desire, if I do not have the abundance in my life that could help this. I thought in the future, by my paintings I will receive benefits which I will share with others with pleasure. And if this is a blessing is about this, I have no reason to doubt, so it will be, and it is great pleasure.