BB Art 11


2016.04.14 | Twin flames - the dimension gate of true love

Is he/she no longer by you, but you still feel the pain. Does it hurt when he/she is no longer near to you? Does he/she really cause this, or the whole comes from you?

It is worth to answer these questions honestly in yourself, because although the feeling is new, I'm sure you have already felt like this during your life. And I'm sure that it is not he/she who makes you  or may urge you to suffer because of him/her. He/she is just doing his job, and lives his/her life, just as he/she thinks just right here, right now. It's not your job to examine his/her decisions and life. Or probably figure our, why you could not be together, thiis is a trial, still need to evolve, he/she may locked herself or something similar. While your attention is on this, you do not need to deal with yourself.

All the painful feelings that the person creates in you, is only about you, its your job to make those feelings in the right place in yourself. Because he/she has never wanted to hurt you, but to seek only for happiness, just like everyone else. As he/she is not next to you, and because he/she is your twin-flame, he/she shows you on the most effective way the mirror: lookiyou live this, it is in you, it is the feeling which prevents you in your happiness.

Are you really ready to be with him/her together again? Your life would intertwine forever? Of course we want this, we trust, and we believe that this relationship was made in heaven, and what what God has bound together, let no man separate.So it is, and this is regardless of physical presence, here and now you can experience. You do not have to wait for the fulfillment, the fulfillment is already there since the beginning of time, always were, is and will be. The one soul's eternal and infinite in the completeness of love.

He/she came into your life, to see what kind of pain you carry inside you, and it is high time to leave them behind you and focus on that wholeness and happiness what you have experienced by yourself before you met him/her, and in the moments you spent with him/her. If you have not lived this happiness before, it would not have appeared in your life, so did you guys meet. So you did not got that feeling from him/her, it is you. You are able to do it, you can decide at any point in your life, if you focus on your fears, your doubts, your concerns, you listen to them, you nourish them, or you focus on the overflowing joy and happiness.

The universe is saturated with everything, like an orchard.

You decide which tree you choose and which fruit you taste. And if you accidentally bit in a bad fruit, you do not have to blame yourself, you do not have to feel guilty, but you just have to know you do not like it, and you can immediately choose a different one for yourself. So can you play with the feelings ruling over you. You do not have to swallow them, you do not need to savor them and cherish them when you do not like them. Happiness is here and now in your life. Just look around and begin to recognize, taste, love the loveable ones. And start with yourself, the most lovable being who is closest to you.

Do you really think you will be happy by him/her, if you have him/her, if you own him/her? Maybe for a while you are delighted with the feeling of being together again. And this is the greatest blessing and the greatest miracle, but the road does not end here. You know that in the everything is presented, and you need to stay focused after all. That you would not disrupted, if now he/she bit in a rotten fruit. After all, you already know how that is, as sometimes you bite in it as well. So be understanding and accepting. Stay always loving.

He/she is not an object, a tool like you're not one as well. You were born to be free, you would fly freely and happily in this world. That the light of love, who is you, not only keep for him/her, but you could send to everywhere, to everyone. It must really hurt you, if he/she just does it.

Love is not possession, not expectation, not adequacy, love does not want anything but love.

So are you ready for this love?