BB Art 11


2015.11.09. | Do we really doesn’t know about the future?

Has it happened to you as well? When I watch my favourite picture, which is about a way through a park, along the way both sides of the roads trees are in autumn colors, and you wish for a moment to walk there? Then years later, on a beautiful autumn day, I realize that for five years I am walking with my dog exactly in the same. First time in my life, just travelling through Budapest, I see the the Gellért Hill, the Buda Castle, the Chain bridge and the Parliament from the Elisabeth bridge, and I silently say to myself, "Once I will live here" and afterwards I have been living in Budapest for years, once I am crossing the Elizabeth bridge I remember my statement. Or I am just bored and I grab a piece of paper and a pencil and I stuck to draw the same topic round and round. Wild ducks in a pond, and a collapsing wooden pier, which extends into the lake. And a few years later on a pier in a bay love is finding me. Then several times we find ourselves in a similar environment, in the nature at wooden piers, surrounded by green trees, admiring the toddles or swimming of the wild ducks, in the sunset. I made this little sketch in July 2009 and it is now in my hands again. I think it started here, that anything I draw or paint, becomes a reality, or the reality is painted by me?

"Why is it that people remember the past, but does not know anything about the future?" - Philosophers say we really doesn’t know about it?

Before we born down to this World we prepare a detailed roadmap for life. We carefully select all of our travel vompanions and the exact locations as well. We do not just arrive, we have an exact goal, a purpose of our coming: to experience, to know and to live our real self: the pure, unconditional love of Christ.

Do you want to know what you have planned for yourself, what obstacles should you overcome until  you experience your truth self? Or what miracles you have prepared for yourself to gain assurance of God's love and goodness? Begin to pay attention to your inner voice, your intuition, listen to your heartbeat, listen to the silence, and the silence suddenly get filled with life.

Become an observer of your life. Let's start with acceptance, because everything is done by the plan of your Spirit, and continue with forgiveness, to get to know your heart's true love, then open your heart and become receptive, and afterwards you experience the heavenly abundance, and then continue with the munificence, because this abundance you must share with others. After that, it is clear that the goal in life, the journey itself is the goal, the experience is the goal, after you saw yourself, you never ask again what is the goal, because the goal is you. You're the interviewer, the question and the answer as well.

"The purpose of your life is you."